Two Little Girls and Their Rise to Success

Dr. Wendy L. Wright and Christine L. Beckwith are women to be reckoned with. They thrive at the top of their fields with accolades and successes too numerous to mention. Beginning with their friendship as children, in a small town as kids who would today be called underprivileged... 

this book explains how they did it, and how you can too.

Sharing stories from their youth and experiences from their paths to success, these authors bring you a read you don't want to miss!  

When life hands you lemons, use the lessons in this book to sweeten the lemonaide you create! Poignant, relevant, and revealing stories are woven throughout to keep you entertained and thoughtful!

"As I write this chapter, it takes every ounce of emotional strength to put words on paper. In my family there is (and always has been) an unwritten rule: Loyalty is essential; you don't talk about your problems nor do anything to disrespect your family pubicly." ~ Wendy L. Wright

"I understand that I am a strong one. I have knelt with hands clasped in prayer, begging for guidance, for mercy. And I have risen each time stronger than before. Today, I will be strong. For one more day. Not every day, maybe. But today, when you need me, until I can't be strong any longer." ~ Christine Beckwith

Dr. Wendy L. Wright

Christine L. Beckwith

About the Authors

Their stories give the readers engaging and thought-provoking insight in the triumph of overcoming odds.

Through strategic planning and relentless execution, they’ve created sustainable businesses in diverse fields, and now show you how! 

Dr. Wendy Wright, Family Nurse Practitioner in partnership with Award-winning Corporate Executive Christine Beckwith, write an emotional memoir designed to inspire the reader while providing valuable life lessons. 

These childhood friends forged independent yet woven paths to the very top of their respective and celebrated careers. 

Connected by respective family legacies the authors share how their paths paralleled, how their start didn’t define them, and how their parents broke the cycle to set them on course for personal and professional success.

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